On the “Science” and “Evidence” of Early Intervention and ABA

Age of Neurodiversity

My name is Greg Love. My partner and I have three-year-old twins, one of whom is autistic. I am an undiagnosed autistic adult who went through a lengthy process of self-discovery beginning  before my son was himself diagnosed. He was both our initial introduction to autism as well as the broader autistic community. Like so many adults, I grew up at a time when autism was not understood nor diagnosed like it is today.


Like all new parents, we learned through a process of self-education and experience, not having any previous knowledge of the system in place for diagnosing disabilities and the various services available to assist children and their families.


Our son was born with various developmental delays that became most obvious around six months. He was also born with a medical condition called metatarsus adductus that created additional difficulties in his learning to walk. We started…

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