Hey everyone,


this musing stranger prefers to keep their identity hidden. However I will freely share that I self diagnosed on the autism spectrum and while official IQ tests “only” gave values above 0,1% of the smartest people of the population I have a friend who deals with many many MANY gifted people for a living and they have said they think it’s even higher than that. This blog is about these unusual characteristics of mine and how I deal with all of it.


One thing that currently occupies most of my time is overcoming the long term emotional abuse i suffered from by care givers. There is also the subsequent depression and cPTSD I can not remember ever not having. However I also am a huge animal lover, love to cook vegetarian dishes that do not collide with my various food sensibilities, am an avid fan of the online game Mousehunt and watch various shows. I’m person beyond all the labels and I’d be happy if that would be forgotten. I’m sure Iā€™m gonna blog about these as well at some point. Lets see how this big adventure called blogging goes for me. I sure love to write and hope to entertain, inspire and share my joys and sorrows with whoever will stumble across this.


So long and thanks for all the fish for now

Musing Stranger


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